Amiga 500 Boxed Pistorm 128Mb Ram 4Gb HDisk HDMI

Amiga 500 Boxed Pistorm 128Mb Ram 4Gb HDisk HDMI

Completely rennovated and fully tested.

This particular Amiga has hidden talents sporting a pistorm accelerator with HDMI output.

An excellent clean and tidy example with no discoloration.

Thanks to the pistorm, this Amiga is fast, blindingly fast with speeds in excess of an Amiga 4000.

Very fast reboot time loads workbench in about 4 seconds.

It can be made to go even faster thanks to the installed active cooling by overclocking the raspberry pi although this is not recommended.

Includes 1Mb Chip Ram Expansion however the pistorm provides a massive 128Mb of ram, Interchangeable 4Gb hard disks and output to HDMI.

Can easily switch processor or kickstart rom by simply editing a config file and rebooting the amiga.

Can easily transfer software to and from the Amiga over wifi and add hard disks directly, kickstart roms

Very flexible and easy configuration of the pistorm allows for great fun swapping hard drives, switching roms, trying different CPU’s.


  • Amiga 500 Boxed Pistorm 128Mb Ram 4Gb HDisk HDMI Retro Computer
  • 1Mb Ram Expansion
  • PISTORM Upgrade with Quiet Active Cooling
  • 128 mb of RAM configurable in PiStorm
  • Raspberry pi with 5g Wifi
  • Change processor to 68020, 68030, 68040 by simply changing the pistorm configuration
  • Change Kickstart rom 2, 3.1, 3.1.4 by simply changing the pistorm configuration
  • Interchangeable 4Gb Hard disks by simply changing the pistorm configuration
  • 32 Gb SD card full of games and utilities including RTG Games
  • External Floppy Drive
  • Original Tank Mouse
  • Scart Cable
  • HDMI Cable. Amiga has been configured with RTG graphics for high resolutions
  • Original Power supply
  • Original Warranty Documentation with Commodore Envelope
  • Cheetah Joystick
  • Custom Side Port Cover for HDMI Cable.
  • Original Side Port Cover Included
  • A520 Modulator with RF cable
  • Some floppy disks for an authentic retro experience
  • Original Workbench disks
  • Original User manual
  • Amiga Basic Manual
  • Amigados Manual
  • External Disk drive Manual
  • A520 Modulator Manual

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