Commodore 16 repair

This recently arrived and was unfortunately not powering up. Happy to say that after a bit of tender love and care it is now back up and running. I’m going to add some heatsinks to the processor and TED chips and since this machine only came with 16k it will get a much needed 64k upgrade. Parts are on order so watch this space for the final product

Amiga 600 Gotek Install

I purchased this Amiga 600 in a bundle with some Amiga 500’s and Atari VCS 2600 and a Atari ST 520. Finally got round to testing the Amiga 600 and the floppy drive was faulty so decided to create a video on replacing the drive with a GOTEK. I have posted a video of the installation here Also 3D printed a custom support for the Amiga 600 and the GOTEK. Which can be seen here The 3D print file can be downloaded here The autoboot.hce file is available to download here and is located within the zip file HxC_Compat_Mode\Amiga\AUTOBOOT.HFE Place this file on your usb drive along with your ADF files you wish to access. Each ADF file is a separate disk accessible by changing…

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Latest Addition – Atari 400 with DIY Power supply

Atari 400

Purchased untested. Its a risk but will be fun to bring it back to life. The Atari 400 was first sold in 1979 so this could be a 40 years old!!! It arrived with no power supply and a little dirty. I’ve given it a quick clean so I can at least work on it. I have a plan for a power supply as I recently replaced the power supply in a Commodore 1541 disk drive with a new super light, cooler and more energy efficient supply which left me with a spare 9v Transformer. The Atari 400 requires 9v ac which is convenient. The orange leads are the 9V ac output the blue are 24V ac. I wanted to create a case for the…

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Man Cave Loft Conversion

Well it will never be finished but its well on its way to being converted.

Retro deals of the day

Just need the Sinclair QL for the full set

Commodore 64C Keyboard repair

Retronerd Commodore 64C keyboard repair

Finally decided to repair the keyboard on this Commodore 64C. Thanks to Retroleum for providing the replacement number 9 key in exactly the right colour. Apologies but I have to put in the usual disclaimer. These steps worked for me so be careful and remember the risk is all yours. Step 1 Remove the three screws on the underside of the case as pictured Step 2 Separate the top and bottom halves of the case. Step 3 There is some tabs at the side holding the case together. Press in the sides in whilst gently forcing the top and bottom case apart where the screws were removed. Step 4 Once separated at the front and sides there are three clip hinges at the back which must be…

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Sharp MZ80A

Took a while but I’m finally getting there with a solution for my keyboard issues with this. Thanks to Max Nellist for 3D printing some great replacement keys for me. It was an inspiration as I bought a 3D printer and after a few days on blender have produced my own 3D design of a keyboard upright as pictured (Original White – Replacement Orange). Took a few attempts but got there in the end. 18 August 2019 Latest purchase needs a bit of work on the keyboard. These keys are going to take some finding. Letter ‘O’ and ‘INST / DEL’ keys missing. So if anyone has any ideas send me a note. 27th August 2018


Download C64 Dead Test Diagnostic Manual (1988-Jan)  

Commodore 64 Repair

The latest on my C64 repair. I’ve tried a dead test cartridge and the result is that the screen flashes repeatedly. This indicates the processor is ok but that something else is broken. The number of flashes are supposed to represent an error code but I get constant flashing. The flash codes can viewed in the dead test catridge manual in this link C64_Dead_Test_Diagnostic_Manual_(1988-Jan) It must be said that the dead test cartridge can give misleading information and is to be used in conjunction with other testing methods. An example is that you may get a number of flashes identifying a ram chip but it may be the ram multiplexor is faulty so beware. I noted that a one of ram chips was running very hot…

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My First Commodore 64 since 1985

I received this from ebay last year. Unfortunately it does not work and just displays a black screen. At least the red led turns on. I decided to purchase a dead test cartridge to provide some clues as to what might be wrong.