Spectrum +2A +2B +3 IDE Interface with CF Card


Spectrum +2A +2B +3 IDE Interface with CF Card

Spectrum +2A, +2B, +3 IDE Interface with CF card (included) and boot loader which instantly loads games and is available from the loader option on the boot menu.

Designed by Pera Putnik and Garry Lancaster the supplied circuit board and roms greatly enhance the ZX Spectrum architecture allowing convenient access to compact flash. Files can also be interchanged with a PC using a compact flash card reader and the Fuse spectrum emulator.

The Spectrum is a great machine but loading games can take upwards of 10 minutes and even on a +3 machine with a disk drive still takes minutes and thats if the disks still work after 30 plus years of use.

This kit will transform your Spectrum into a convenient and responsive machine loading games and utilities instantly. Games can still be loaded on cassette tape or floppy disk. The WorldOfSpectrum site is a valuable source of information of the capabilities of the +3e ROM.

Great to develop games on as you can quickly save your work back to a reliable storage medium.

Includes Spectrum +3e Rom upgrade chips minor soldering required to ground and +5v pin.

Includes free delivery to UK only

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