Commodore Amiga 500 Pistorm Boxed with 8GB HD 128Mb Ram

Commodore Amiga 500 Pistorm Boxed with 128Mb Ram 4Gb HDisk HDMI

Completely renovated and fully tested.

This particular Amiga has hidden talents sporting a pistorm accelerator with HDMI output.

An excellent clean and tidy example with slight aging on the keys.

Thanks to the pistorm, this Amiga is fast, blindingly fast with speeds in excess of an Amiga 4000.

Very fast reboot time loads workbench in about 4 seconds.

Includes 1Mb Chip Ram Expansion board however the pistorm provides a massive 128Mb of fast ram

The pistorm allows hardisks to easily be added and also provides output to HDMI.

The pistorm allows easy switching of processor to 68020,68030 or 58040 and also allows changingthe kickstart rom by simply editing a config file and rebooting the amiga.

Can easily transfer software to and from the Amiga over wifi and even add extra hard disks.

Can easily add kickstart roms to the installed 1.3, 2.0, 3.14 by just copying the rom file and setting the pistorm configuration file or just use the Amiga’s original 1.2 rom.

Very flexible and easy configuration of the pistorm allows for great fun swapping hard drives, switching roms, trying different CPU’s, various ram configurations and even accessing the internet.

Hard drive has been filled with lots of games and utilities and various software apps.

An ADF file mount utility(Imagemount) has been installed to easily access downloaded ADF files.

A super quiet cooling fan has also been installed to keep the internally installed raspberry pi nice and cool and also give some flexbility for overclocking although the Amiga runs fast enough already.

Games run with amazing frame rates and it can even run Doom, Heretic and many other more modern games which have been installed on the hard drive and work on HDMI with high resolutions, well beyond the capabilities of a stock Amiga.

Commodore Amiga 500 Pistorm Boxed demonstration