Commodore 64 C For Sale

Available on Ebay

The Commodore 64 is arguably the best 8bit home computer of the 1980’s. 
The Commodore 64 is the highest selling computer of all time (Guinness World Records)
The graphics were superb and the sound capabilities second to none.
Condition is excellent for age. 
Had great fun testing all the games with the light gun.
Fully tested, ready to turn on and play.
Fantastic collectors example to get into the retro computing scene. 
Many expansion options widely available such as the 1541 disk drive or for modern convenience the SD2IEC mass storage sd card drive emulator.
Includes the following:
 – Commodore 64C Computer   – Computer User Manual – C2N Datasette Manual – Power Supply   – TV SCART Cable and RF Cable Included – C2N Data Recorder – Tape Heads cleaned, aligned and game loading checked  – Defender 64 Light Gun  – Spectravideo Joystick  – Time Traveller Light Gun Game – Army Days Light Gun Game – Gangster Light Gun Game – Blaze Out Light Gun Game – Shoot Em Up Construction Kit – Learn to Create Your Own Games – Mike Reid’s Computer Pop Quiz – Introductory Audio Tape(Great 1980’s nostalgia) – GCSE O-Level Biology 

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